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HOW HAS LUSH COSMETICS INCORPORATED THE RISING CONCERNS OF THE ENVIRONMENT IN THEIR CORPORATE STRATEGY - Essay Example These current trends and demands in the market economy stems from the recognition of the reality that the economic realm is not separated from the entire context of the society and that its reality is deeply integrated and interwoven in all facets of the human society – economic, social, cultural, political, and environmental aspects. The aims of this paper are the following: first, is to attain a clearer understanding of corporate social responsibility. Second, is to utilise the gained understanding of corporate social responsibility in knowing how the cosmetic industry in UK in general and Lush Limited in particular are addressing the challenge of corporate social responsibility. And third, to be able to highlight the conditions with which it can be claimed that Lush Limited has responded to the challenge of corporate social responsibility. These aims are to be accomplished via conducting a survey of related literatures. Moreover, the databases Academic Search Premier, Business Search Premier, Google Scholar, and EconLit were searched using a combination of the following key terms: corporate social responsibility, sustainability. Cosmetic industry, UK cosmetic industry, Lush Limited, globalisation, the Body Shop, and toiletries. Articles written only in English and published within the period of 1990 – 2009 were included in the selection. Likewise, books, relevant websites, editorials, commentaries and case studies were also included. Correspondingly, excluded from the selections are memorandums, monographs, pamphlets and position papers. The reference list of the articles was searched to identify additional relevant publications. Furthermore, the paper is structured such that: first, what is found in Chapter I are the introduction, aim of the paper, statement of the problem, the search method, and the structure of the paper. In the second part, which is Chapter II is the survey or review of literature

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Mythology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Mythology - Essay Example Why is this feature relevant to the modern hero? No one can actually give an answer to this question. Maybe, in such a way the contemporaries are sure that in the modern very challenging world it is necessary to have an option to free one's mind. The director of the film underlines that external appearance is not important for the modern hero. It is much more important a real heroism of a character. A physical power of Hancock can be lost in case he meets other superheroes. Achilles is an ancient Greek character. Nevertheless, this hero does not reveal features of a holistic mind or his open nature. Homer underlined his appearance: â€Å"he sat himself down away from the ships with a face as dark as night, and his silver bow rang death as he shot his arrow in the midst of them† (Iliad, Book I). Actually, in the ancient world appearance played a very important role. Let us remember about the ancient famous sculptures and monuments of ancient heroes and characters. Of course, Ac hilles worshipped gods and this was a positive feature of his nature. Achilles helps Greek people in their fight against enemies, but in reality he is not much focused on solving military problems. From another perspective, Achilles can seem to be a consequential warrior. Achilles can be a patriotic hero, but in this case he should know for what purpose he needs to be such a person. He is sure of the fact that patriotism is positive if a personal concern is taken into account. Achilles impresses the audience by his daring and brash features. He shows more passion and he does not want to be vulnerable. This is another vision about heroism and patriotism unlike the view of patriotism in the modern time. Achilles is too arrogant and superior, but Hancock is not. These are two different approaches to representation of heroism and patriotism in two different worlds: in the world of ancient times and the modern times. Achilles was not focused on the common good of the society, but Hancock was very much pleased with his ability to help people. He did not place his own personality on the foreground; he made an emphasis on the background, which is society's welfare. Works cited 1. Iliad by Homer. 15 Dec. 2012. 2. Odyssey by Homer. 15 Dec. 2012. Name Professor's Name Subject Date Question 7B The Oracle works in Greek myths Divination plays a very important role in Greek mythology. Oracle is one of the core images in Greek religion and mythology. In accordance with modern interpretation: "Oracles played an important role in the Greek religion and beliefs. The Greeks considered death as a necessary evil and therefore Immortality was not an enviable asset. They however required information on their future life on earth, for this they turned to the oracle" (Oracle). Ancient Greek people needed information about their future life on the Earth. Greek oracle was a priest or a priestess, who played a role of a mediator between people and God. The Oracle communicated with God an d in such a way he had an opportunity to get the required information. Apollo was a god of music and reason. He could see future too. In the ancient Greece people brought many gifts to Apollo and he told them about the secrets and events of their future. Apollo was looking for a woman, who can help him to find answers about people's future. Apollo intended to be one of

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Ethic Simulation Essay Example for Free

Ethic Simulation Essay This week I participated in two Ethic Game Simulations; The Mysterious Blogger and The Veiled ID. The Mysterious Blogger was about the leaking of confidential information by an employee and the actions of a second employee. The Veiled ID presented an issue that arises as the company tried to implement more strict security issues. The â€Å"Mysterious Blogger† had me playing the part of the Director of Information Technology for G-Bio Sports Company. During a routine check the department finds there is an employee that is posting blogs about the company and although 90% of the information is not confidential and questions safety this is a clear violation of the company policy. An anonymous email is also received by me this note indicates the name of the person posting the blogs. This information was obtained by hacking this person’s personal computer. My department was able to identify the name of both employees involved. There is an ethical issue on both cases one employee is violating the NDA policy and the other is violating the privacy of another employee. The action of both employees can cause major harm to the company. It is important to identify everyone that needs to be informed of the situation and decided the proper way to handle the situation. Both employees have been with the company for a while and are an asset to the company. Based on this information I do believe that both employees need to be discipline and made aware of the seriousness of their actions at the same time ensure safety concerns are address. My next step is to involve the proper stakeholders, our HR Director and our Legal Counsel they will help me validate my position and outline next steps. â€Å"The Veiled ID†, I play the part of the Associate Director of Operations. The  company has recently suffered a breach in security a former employee broke into a lab causing not only damage to the equipment but harmed another employee in the process. A new security system is being put in place to protect employees and our clients. Every employee will be required to carry a work Identification that will include a photograph without the ID they will not be allow in the building. Although the solution seems to very easy I did not take into consideration that some of our employees cannot be photograph due to religious beliefs. After, determining who will be affected by my decision and discussing the issue with a representative of our Human Resource Department, Training Manager and, other employees. We decided that the photo ID will still be require however, there will be some measures put in place to accommodate people with special needs. In conclusion, by utilizing the Rights and Responsibility Lens and the Baird Ethical model I was able to determine the best decision for each separate situation. The decision was the result of a serious of steps that help me first identify the issue, the people affected and the effect that my decision would have had in the community. Each steps helps you understand what is morally right and fair for the primary stakeholders and the community and how your decision making impacts others. Making sure that you understand everyone that will be affected either directly or indirectly is important prior to making your final decision. Doing the right thing is not just to following company procedure; it is also about protecting the shareholders interest and the interest of the company. In the case where the company’s policies were violated, the company must make a sound decision that that produces an outcome in the best interest of the company and its stakeholders. The ethical perspectives used to make the decisions during the simulation were based on options given in each scenario. In the simulation, you were to determine the best outcome for each scenario based upon the information given. Neither one of the scenarios had a right nor was wrong answer it just the best ethical decision you consider fair for all parties involved. The important part is to make sure that each situation it’s analyzed and all the components are taking into consideration prior of making your final decision. Reference Trevià ±o, L. K. Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: Straight talk about how to do it right (5th ed.).

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One Person Can Change The World :: essays research papers

One Person Can Change the World One Person Can Change The World I believe very firmly that one person can change the world. That one person may not be able to do a whole lot physically to change the world, but one person has the power to inspire others to help that person change the world. I also believe very firmly that one person can set an example for others that may affect the outcome of any situation.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Just like in a baseball game where one person can hit the winning grand slam homerun, in life, one person can make the difference. The problem is that when the odds seem insurmountable, it seems impossible to overcome them and most people will give up. The true heroes in this world are those who don't give up in these times when things seem impossible to do.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The other thing I think is very important to note about the power of one person is that we need to look at what that one person is doing that is making a difference. One person can make a difference in someone else's life. I have had, in my life, many people that have made a huge difference. If someone changes your entire life or your outlook on it, your can definitely testify to the power of one. I think someone that can reach out to just one person's life is just as important as someone who can change the lives of millions.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  One last thing I think is important to note is that, in recognizing the power of one person to make a difference, we must also note the contributions of others to help put that person where they are. A further explanation of this would be to go back to our other scenario. When, in the last inning, someone hits a game-winning grand slam homerun, that person is very important. However it is also important to give credit to those on base or to his coaches who

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A Christmast Surprise for Gramma

A Christmas Surprise for Grandma by Gloria J. Shuttleworth Grandma lived on Sugar Creek Mountain all alone. It was a beautiful mountain, with tall cedar trees all over the mountain top. In the middle of the mountain was a crystal clear lake. The water in the lake was the prettiest blue you've ever seen. When the water was calm, you could see the fish swimming around in the lake. I loved sitting by the lake when I was a little girl. Grandma would pack us a lunch, and we would sit at the lake for hours on end. Hour after hour, grandma would tell me stories about her life on the mountain. I remember the day that grandpa drowned in the lake.My parents had tried to talk grandma into moving into town, but she wouldn't hear of it. My parents knew not to argue with her, because they knew that grandma was set in her ways. â€Å"I've been on this mountain for so long that I've forgotten which is the oldest, me or the mountain,† grandma had said, with a twinkle in her eyes. I knew my par ents worried about her being alone, because grandma was the only person who lived on Sugar Cliff Mountain. Today I was going to visit grandma, and the excitement grew inside me at the thought of spending time on the mountain once more. After all, it had been ten years since I had seen grandma.It's hard to believe that my career had kept me away for so long. As I approached the top of the mountain, I could see grandma staring out the window of her little log cabin home. Grandma greeted me at the door with a big hug. â€Å"I am so happy that you could come to visit with me,† said grandma. This Christmas is going to be so wonderful! I have a special surprise for you dear. Little did grandma know that I had a very special surprise for her as well. â€Å"Well, we can't stand around here all day,† said grandma. There's a lot of work to get done. I have invited the people from the village to come to my Christmas party on Saturday evening.After I had freshened up a bit, we spe nt the day baking all sorts of cookies and candies. Grandma had a story to tell as we baked the goodies for the party. She told me about how she used to bake apple pies for grandpa. â€Å"He loved apple pies,† said grandma. Those were his favorite. She said that after the pies would cool off, that grandpa would send her into the living room, under the pretense that he would clean up the kitchen. Grandma knew what he was really up to, but she never let on that she knew. Grandma would go into the living room and sit in her rocking chair. She would sing some of the songs that she knew grandpa loved.About an hour later, grandma would wander back into the kitchen. â€Å"Why Henry! † she said kitchen, grandma retired for the evening. I made myself a cup of tea and sat down in front of the fireplace. Sitting alone in the quiet house, I pondered my childhood memories of my grandparents. They had always been such a fun loving and happy couple. Shortly after they were married, g randpa built the log cabin home for his â€Å"Little ole Emmy†, as he called her. Just before Christmas, almost twelve years ago, grandpa was outside gathering firewood, when grandma heard a horrible scream and a terrible noise.She ran outside to find that an area of the ice on the lake had fallen through. She yelled for grandpa over and over but no reply ever came. They searched the lake for over a week, but no trace of grandpa could be found. Finally, they called off the search. One of the men who had helped in the search said they'd probably never find grandpa now. Just then, as my thoughts were still racing around in my head, my grandmother brought me back to reality. â€Å"We have to be up very early in the morning dear, so off to bed now,† she said. I slowly walked to my grandmother's room, and kissed her goodnight.Morning came early at grandma's house. As I entered the kitchen I could smell the homemade biscuits and gravy cooking on the stove. â€Å"What's on o ur list of things to do today? † I asked. â€Å"The men are coming from the village this morning to put the lights on the trees, and we have lots of presents to wrap for the children,† she said. Just then, there was a knock at the door. It was the men from the village ready to start putting up the lights. Grandma was so excited as she stepped back to watch them. â€Å"Let's wrap those presents now Laura,† said grandma.As I watched grandma wrap the presents and tie the ribbons, I knew that so much more was being placed around them. With each piece of wrapping paper grandma was also wrapping them with love. After the last present was wrapped, we realized that we'd been wrapping presents all day! It was now getting dark outside and grandma wanted to go outside to view the lights. As we stepped out onto the porch, we gasped. The sight that met our eyes was so beautiful to behold! The snow was glittering and the reflection of the lights on the snow was beyond words! I t was breathtaking! That night I went to bed with a heart full of love for my grandmother.I knew that someday I wanted to be just like her, full of love for others. Saturday evening the village people started arriving just after dark. Grandma always waited until evening to have her Christmas party, because she loved the lights. All the guests gathered around in the front yard and began to sing Christmas carols. Oh, how grandma loved that! Ole Ben was a jolly fellow who worked at the village store, and he was chosen to help Santa hand out the presents. The children shouted with glee, as they unwrapped their gifts. Grandma said, â€Å"Laura, come here dear, I have a surprise for you. As she handed me the present, I could see the love and pride in her eyes. â€Å"I love it grandma†, I said, as I bent down to kiss her cheek, â€Å"I will cherish it forever. † Grandma had made a quilt out of some of my dresses that I had worn as a little girl. â€Å"Grandma, if you could have just one special gift for Christmas, what would it be? † I asked her. Without even stopping to think, she replied, â€Å"I would like to see your grandfather just one more time, so I could feed him the apple pie that the horses quit snatching when he left us. † Just then grandma's face lit up like the lights on the Christmas tree!Everyone turned to see what grandma was looking at. Walking slowly toward her, with an apple pie in his hand, was grandpa! There was two slices missing from the pie that he was holding. The village people were speechless, as they thought they were seeing a ghost. Grandpa chuckled, as he yelled out, â€Å"Emmy, those darn horses snatched the pie and got away with two pieces. Difference to me, but slowly my memory started to return. I remember now going out to gather firewood. There was a nice piece of wood on the lake. I thought the lake was frozen over so I stepped out on the lake to get the piece of wood.I remember hearing the lake crack le and that's the last I remember about the accident. â€Å"Laura, how can I ever thank you for bringing grandpa home to me? † asked grandma. Laura replied, â€Å"Seeing the happiness and the love you have for each other is all the thanks I need. † As Laura retired to bed that night, she couldn't help but think about the surprise that she had given to grandma for Christmas. She knew in her heart that it was the best surprise present that grandma would ever get. What a warm and wonderful feeling came over Laura as she fell asleep, thinking of her grandparents.

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Supply Chain Operations Management Analysis - 4582 Words

Supply Chain Operations Management Analysis of Southwest Airlines Name: University: Course Title: Instructor: Date: Introduction Southwest Airline is said to be the largest airline firm in the world and yet it charges low-fare costs to its large population of customers. Interestingly, it is noted that the company is one that depends on a large pool of suppliers whom are found necessary for the business to operate desirably. Such suppliers are mentioned to include: maintenance firms, fuel suppliers, food suppliers, and others (Laudon Laudon, 2011). Thomas (2012) informs that a firm can benefit a lot from an effective supply chain management which can even have various policies for managing suppliers and serving consumers that enable a firm to greatly reduce its operational costs. It is expounded that these policies are those that establish profitable relationships between customers and suppliers within the supply chain. Thus, large firms with a large population of customers and many suppliers, different customer needs are linked to various business channels which produce various products and services through a complex supply chain process which has different modes of operating. This is said to be necessary for the sake of capitalizing both on organization’s profitability and satisfying customers’ needs. This knowledge creates a need to analyze the supply chain management process of Southwest Airlines purposely to: (a) determine how market demands are met by itsShow MoreRelatedA Framework For Supply Chains Logistics Operations Essay1283 Words   |  6 PagesTopic 1 Oakden, R., Leonaite, K. (2011). A Framework for Supply Chains Logistics Operations in the Asia Pacific Region. Sydney NSW: McGraw Hill. Chapter 1, Topic: Value chain. (pp. 6). Description of Topic The value chain is defined as the â€Å"full range of activities which are required to bring a product or service from conception, through the different phases of production (involving a combination of physical transformation and the input of various producer services), delivery to final consumersRead MoreValue Chain Analysis By Harvard Business School1012 Words   |  5 PagesValue chain analysis is presented by Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. It is a tool to determine the companies’ competitive advantages. A company has many resources, capabilities and competitive advantages, If the enterprise as a whole to consider, it is difficult to recognize these competitive advantages, we have to break down business activities, and considering these individual activities themselves and their relevance to determine the company s competitive advantage. Value chainRead MoreStrategic Vision And Operations Planning1210 Words   |  5 Pagessuccessful supply chain manage ment. However as 2016, Walmart closed 269 stores, this means that not all the stores are successful and there is a problem that is affecting its operations planning. Walmart by 32nd St. has operation planning problems during winter time when the population increases in the area. This report was written to understand the importance of developing a strategic vision and operations planning in order to help the store current seasonal problems. I find out that Supply Chain ManagementRead MoreAn Empirical Analysis Of Supply Chain Risk Management1692 Words   |  7 PagesDaniel Hoenig in the paper titled â€Å"An empirical analysis of supply chain risk management in the German automotive industry† applied the practices of supply chain risk management by surveying sixty-seven manufacturing plants in German automotive industry. The need of real empirical research in supply chain risk management to help analyzing supply chain risk and test the previous research proposed instruments th at can be applied for supply chain risk management was the motivation of this work. In this paperRead MoreThe Problem Of Supply Chain Management Research1448 Words   |  6 Pagesaddresses an issue within supply chain management research that has not been given much attention, and thereby attempts to bring focus to modern slavery within organizations with international supply chains. It calls for new theory development towards the detection and elimination of slavery within global supply chain, as well as the development of new tools and indicators that can be used to detect slavery within supply chains. After detecting slavery within a supply chain, complete withdrawal ofRead MoreQ1) Globalization Has Brought About Dramatically Change1438 Words   |  6 Pagesled to the formation of supply chains which are complex, large and business critical as compared to early periods. Manufacturers now requires management skills in order to manage logistics, that is to know when and where the products need to be in order to meet the demand globally. The growth in market has also lead to a situation to deal with rising volumes of regulations. Globalization has led to development of effective methods of risk management along with supply chain to cope up with situationsRead MoreMaterial Flows And Inventory Policy During Military Scm1484 Words   |  6 PagesMaterial Flows and Inventory Policy in Military SCM According to Major Joshua M. Lenzini in his article Anticipatory Logistics: The Army’s Answer to Supply Chain Management, â€Å"Supply chain management is similar for both corporate and military organizations. However, some significant differences are evident in these models. The first is the absence of maintenance on the corporate model. Another is that transportation, distribution, and warehousing are unidirectional in the corporate model but dualRead MoreDurham International Manufacturing Company1445 Words   |  6 PagesSupply Chain Management Running head: SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AT DIMCO Supply Chain Management at Durham International Manufacturing Company (DIMCO) Revenia J. Smith Strayer University SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AT DIMCO Abstract (not required) SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT AT DIMCO 1. Discuss the Current Supply Chain System at DIMCO In order to manufacture its product line, DIMCO uses approximately 1,350 raw materials and/or components purchased from approximately 375 differentRead MoreInventory And Transportation : Supply Chain Total Cost Essay1275 Words   |  6 Pages2.2 Inventory costs Berman et al (2006) identified inventory and transportation as two key contributors of supply chain total cost. They require keen attention for supply chain efficiency to be realized. Inventory costs include; Capital cost that forms the largest factor of inventory carrying cost. Companies must balance money held inform of inventory and money required for daily operations. Inventory is treated as an asset in the balance sheet hence attracts taxation from most governments. To coverRead MoreLogistics: Management and Supply Chain1566 Words   |  7 PagesMinor Logistics Operations Presentatie titel MIRBSLM114OP N.J. Osentoski-Monsma A. Nielsen-de Vries Lecturers Logistics Room D2.173 / Rotterdam, 00 januari 2007 6-1 Corporate strategy Business strategy Operations Strategy Mission Objectives (cost, quality, flexibility, delivery) Functional strategies in marketing, finance, engineering, human resources, and information systems Strategic Decisions (process, quality system, capacity, and

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Poisonwood Bible Summer Reading Assignment - 2010 Words

Fax Victor AP English Literature and Composition Ms. Elder The Poisonwood Bible Summer Reading Assignment August 12, 2014 The Poisonwood Bible 1. Barbara Kingsolver explores a quest in her novel â€Å"The Poisonwood Bible†. The criteria of a quest consist of a quester, a destination, a purpose, challenges, and reasons for the quest. In this instance the quester is Orlenna Price whom demonstrate guilt consistently. Orlenna is going there to accompany her husband, who is seeking to convert others. She feels guilty due to the death of her daughter and now that guilt remains as one of the challenges she faces. This is mostly transparent when she says â€Å"How do we aim to live with it?† (Kingsolver 9). Her guilt revolves around the destination to the Congo. Due to the Congo her one of her children survives. Now she has to deal with that challenge which is her guilt. The elements of a quest are very embedded in â€Å"The Poisonwood Bible†. 2. A gathering around a meal often represents an act of communion. People come together to share thought, ideas, and conflicts. In â€Å"The Poisonwood Bible†, a particular scene occurs when there is a dinner at the church. The feeling around the dinner table was a sense of belonging and agreement, which matches up well with â€Å"How to Read Literature Like a Professor† view of a meal. As the meal proceeds, Kingsolver notes â€Å"He is Congolese all right, But he has different kind of eyes that slant a little bit like a Siamese† (Kingsolver 125). ThisShow MoreRelatedSummary Of The Poisonwood Bible 1318 Words   |  6 PagesLiterature and Composition Summer Reading Assignment The Poisonwood Bible Analyzed by: Shraddha Patel contents: 6 essays â€Å" Imagine a ruin so strange it must never have happened First, picture the forest. I want you to be its conscience, the eyes in the trees.† The effect of the above directive on the reader is that it takes us into the world that is so disparate from anything that we, the reader, could have ever imagined. It propels the reader to continue reading and disclose the mystery of